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The Most Qualified Guiding Team in Africa

Royal Malewane’s guiding team has earned the right to be called the best qualified guiding team in Africa thanks to their impressive collection of high-level FGASA qualifications. Together, our guiding team has over 350 years of experience in the African bush. That’s a testament to their passion, knowledge, and skill. You’re in the most capable hands for a complete safari experience at Royal Malewane.

When you choose a safari destination, it’s the guides and trackers that make the difference. A great guiding team will show you the full wonders of the bush, from iconic species to the smallest details. The way they personalise your experience to match your particular interests, the focus on your safety, and the amazing variety of knowledge they will share. Ultimately, you’ll appreciate the difference it makes to the memories you’ll take home with you.

Licensed To Thrill

We are honoured to count some of the very best guides and trackers on the continent among our guiding team here at Royal Malewane. There are only ten Professional Guides with FGASA Scout status in the world, and one of those, Juan Pinto, is on the Royal Malewane team. Juan is also a CyberTracker-qualified Master Tracker, along with his colleague Lucas Mathonsi. Only five other people in the world hold this qualification. A third Master Tracker (Jonas Mhula) retired from Royal Malewane after many years in January 2022, while a fourth, Wilson Masiya, passed away in 2015, leaving a remarkable guiding legacy.

Today, Juan and Lucas are the only two active Master Trackers in the Greater Kruger National Park.

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Each guide and tracker team has a unique set of skills and experience that make them the ideal safari adventure companions.

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Our Apprenticeship Program

Juan Pinto and the late Wilson Masiya were instrumental in creating one of the most sought-after guiding apprenticeships in South Africa. Royal Malewane takes on two apprentice Guides with aptitude and potential on a rolling two-year cycle before sending them out into the industry in order to raise the quality of guiding in Southern Africa. This challenging apprenticeship includes spending two years in a small canvas tent in the wild, gaining first-hand experience in the bush while at the same time completing essential FGASA qualifications.

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