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The Royal Portfolio and Sustainability

We care - and we know you do, too

We’re committed to running every property in The Royal Portfolio in the most sustainable way possible, in partnership with our team members, suppliers and communities.

We believe that it’s possible to give you the perfect stay, but with a light footprint. We want future generations to experience the same privileges we enjoy today: being able to spend time exploring Africa’s unspoiled wild places and discovering the continent’s rich cultural heritage.

Planet before profit

In every decision we make, we consider the potential impact on people, wildlife and the environment. We focus on issues where we believe we can make a difference: energy and climate change, water usage, packaging and waste, ethical sourcing, community upliftment, and health and wellness and poaching deterrence.

Working with local communities, we’re looking for innovative solutions to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink our relationship with the world’s limited resources. The hydronic heating and cooling system at Waterside at Royal Malewane is a great example of this philosophy in action, by using circulating water for heating and cooling.

Sustainable Tourism

We’re confident that tourism can contribute to a more positive long-term future for Africa – a future that is sustainable, mindful and sensitive and meets the needs of communities and wildlife. In this way, we can ensure that the magic of Africa outlives our generation – and many generations beyond us.

In our daily operations – and with your help – we are pioneering and supporting sustainability projects at each of our properties. Some of these are being funded by The Royal Portfolio Foundation. In addition, we constantly review our operations to see where we can make changes that will benefit the habitats and communities around us, both today and into the future.

Our Three Crown Approach

Each Crown represents specific sustainability aspects of our hotels and lodges operations and corporate social investment projects. We use this framework to guide our internal, daily operations across all of our hotels and lodges.

Uplift and Protect | Thriving and Resilient

To support conservation-related Foundation projects that work towards conserving wildlife, protecting biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem services as well as advocate for, educate others and engage in activities that promote conservation

Inclusive Culture | Local | Economy | Staff

To enhance the lives of those in surrounding communities; to celebrate local culture and heritage and create a culture of sustainability; to maximise our procurement of quality local goods and services; and to invest in and empower a diverse staff.

Carbon Footprint | Consumption | Waste

To protect the environment and be sustainable and responsible from both infrastructure and behaviour perspectives. Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint and our consumption of natural resources. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” our waste; and work with responsible suppliers and partners.

Discover how we're supporting conservation and empowering local communities