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Conservation & Research Centre at Royal Malewane

A focal point for science and conservation

The Conservation & Research Centre (CRC) at Royal Malewane is a major addition to our efforts to understand and preserve the Royal Malewane and Greater Kruger ecosystems. During your stay at Malewane Lodge, Farmstead or Waterside, you’re welcome to visit and learn more about how science is helping save wildlife and habitats.

The CRC will serve as a venue for researchers and conservationists to meet and discuss ideas, and to share their findings through lectures and conversations. It will also host displays of the latest research results and conservation success stories.

As a visitor to Royal Malewane, you’re already contributing to our work. By spending time at the CRC, you’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the challenges we face – and how we plan to overcome them.

Researchers Welcome

The CRC’s central feature is the Nature Lounge, a unique and inspiring space designed to foster collaboration and continuous learning.The Nature Lounge acts as a launchpad for revitalising existing conservation initiatives and to pioneer new programs aimed at making a lasting difference. It provides a relaxed space for researchers to interact, fostering the exchange of ideas, and offers our Royal Malewane guests valuable insights that enhance their experience at Royal Malewane.

The Nature Lounge is an ideal space for meetings with community stakeholders and serves as a hub for training and skill sharing with local communities. This versatile space will be made available for reserve meetings and collaboratively run skills development and knowledge transfer programmes alongside local communities.

The CRC is fostering a vibrant environment where passionate individuals can work together to address conservation challenges, while the Nature Lounge is serving as a catalyst for translating ideas into action – enabling the development of innovative programs and initiatives aimed at preserving the Greater Kruger ecosystem.

A place to learn - and then rest

Co-located with the Nature Lounge at the CRC, the residence will offer accommodation for researchers so that they can recharge their batteries before another day in the field. The five ensuite bedrooms are equipped with both Wi-Fi and air conditioning. After all, science is essential – but it needn’t always be hard work.

We’ll also be helping researchers with obtaining the necessary permits they need to conduct their research and providing a safari vehicle and Tracker to assist them in getting around the Reserve – and allowing them to tap into a rich source of local knowledge.

Meet the Team

The Conservation and Research Centre has been driven by passionate individuals, and reflects their commitment to conservation and community projects.

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Conservation Stories

The Conservation and Research Centre will help us share our ongoing success stories – and provide the resources needed to write new chapters. Our conservation stories focus on efforts to save entire ecosystems and individual species, and show how traditional skills and modern technology can combine to form effective protection, patrolling and research solutions. Whether focused on a single type of bird or animal, or encompassing a complete habitat, these stories speak to the impact that dedicated individuals can have, and on the lasting positive effects and inspiration that can result from actions driven by passionate people.

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