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Royal Malewane

Wellness exists on the inside and out, and working on wellness can look like anything from vigorous exercise to silent moments of stillness. Royal Malewane’s focus caters for multi-tiered health and wellbeing, offering our guests somewhere to sweat, somewhere to rest, and somewhere to practice self-care.

The Royal Waters Bush Spa

This is an oasis of a very special sort – our original luxury bush spa, located at Malewane Lodge. It is a place to refresh and restore mind, body and spirit amid the serenity and peace of the bush. It is award-winning and its healing potential is compounded, naturally, by its harmony with nature.

The spa has a reputation for its beautiful setting and the sheer luxuriousness of our treatments, many of which make inspired use of indigenous ingredients. It boasts facilities geared towards healing and relaxation as well as fitness.

Reflections Spa At Waterside

Waterside’s spa – Reflections – elicits total relaxation and rejuvenation through healing massage therapy, luxurious skin treatments, and peaceful moments to focus on yourself.

Reflections is a description of the environment you’ll find yourself in at Waterside, where the presence of the waterhole poetically reflects the real-life image it captures in its still surface; and it is a description of the way you’ll feel through the journey of wellbeing facilitated by the spa.

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