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Star Safari

Royal Malewane

Look up and learn more about our alluring night skies as your Guide points out the shapes and figures glowing overhead and unveils how ancient civilisations used to use these astronomical markers for guidance.


Under A Dome Of Glittering Light

From the darkness of the bush, you’ll see every swirl and sparkle of the Milky Way as it shines through the night overhead. Planets, satellites, pointer stars, navigational markers, and constellations that come with stories and superstitions are pointed out by our passionate and informed Guides.

A star safari is about an after-dark adventure, so jump into the game viewer with your Guide and keep your eyes open for a chance to see some of the nocturnal animals you won’t see on safari during the day. Spend a quiet moment out in the bush admiring the big night sky overhead, listen to the melodic calls and communications of an active African night.

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