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Photographic Safaris

Royal Malewane

Here, your Guide can gear your safari experience toward your interest and dedicate time to finding what you want to photograph, positioning you perfectly for the best shot.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Photo

Waiting for a lion to yawn widely in the golden grass, or for a hippo to blow two streams of vaporised water out of its exposed nostrils is a game of patience that wildlife photographers know well. When the wait pays off, and your shutter clicks at just the right time, you take home an image that represents a moment between you and the wild.

Pursuing the perfect photo means journeying through the bush, your senses on alert, and allowing your environment to dictate the type of photo you produce. Ask your Guide for advice on settings or equipment suited to the bush, or ask us about rental gear that might elevate your photographic safari experience.

Capturing The Light

The art of photography is mastering light. Avid photographers bide their time until “golden hour”, waiting for those picture perfect moments when nature is painted in a soft glow from the late afternoon sun. Suddenly, colours come to life and even the driest winter grass absorbs the warmth and presents as a beautiful backdrop for your photo.

Chasing the sun and capturing the light means watching the weather, keeping an eye on the time, and waiting out the harshest parts of the daylight. Having access to a private safari vehicle and a private concession means we aren’t limited by sunrise and sunset, so you can linger longer and make the most of that golden glow.

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