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Simple Sophisticated Dining

Royal Malewane

Exquisite plating is second nature to the chefs at Royal Malewane, for whom cuisine is certainly an art. When that art is served in such breathtaking locations, the dining experience becomes truly sublime.


Soul-stirring Recipes Executed With Practiced Precision

This is a delivery of joy on a plate. When you meet our chefs, you’ll see they wear their passion on their sleeves, and their love for food is contagious. The way they interpret flavour and texture in a dish is nothing short of an art. Paired with excellent wine and a sublime location, you have a dining experience never to be forgotten.

Our chefs create elegant dishes using ingredients that are seasonal and locally sourced. The excitement of the dining experience is largely about the outdoor setting, where the sounds of the bush at night bring an atmosphere of theatre and intrigue to the table.

Bush Dinners

Undeniably a highlight of your stay is to dine at the Bush Tent at Royal Malewane. This is an evening that evokes emotion, stimulates the senses, and solidifies memories of an African experience.

A bush dinner is a feast in the heart of the wilderness where comfort and convenience are as much a priority as sophisticated dining. This is an evening rich with South African tradition in the presence of dancing fires, glowing lanterns, and performances by a local choir. Where better to enjoy a nightcap than by the fireside under the African stars as your Guide tells stories of a life lived among wildlife.

A Personalised Dining Experience

Our menus are versatile and easily tailored for you. We’ll create a menu to suit your preferences, or you can select dishes from our chef’s fresh and seasonally inspired menu. Kids menus and dishes designed for special dietary requirements are no problem for our inventive and well prepared kitchen crew.

Choose how you eat during your stay; whether you are lunching light at your private pool, or dining with decadence through a six-course feast paired with fine wines.

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