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Birding Safaris

Royal Malewane

Birds already form a much larger part of your experience in nature than you might think. They perform the first song of the day, whistling melodies that become the soundtrack to your morning, and they bring the most beautiful and intricate details to the bush.


Immerse yourself in this fascinating world

Some birds have migration routes that take them thousands of miles across the ocean, others live as long as we do, and almost all of them put on perfect performances to impress their mates.

There are over 300 different bird species at Royal Malewane, from the minute grey penduline tit to the immense lappet-faced vulture, and there are all manner of weird, wonderful and colourful feathered creatures in between. Immersing yourself in this fascinating world is a rich and rewarding wildlife experience.

Tailor your birding experience

If you are travelling with a bird list, we’ll tailor your experience to give you the best chance of checking it off. Let us know before you travel that you’re especially interested in birds and we’ll match you up with a nationally recognised birding Guide from our expert team and make sure we’ve got a copy of your sightings list.

We put together something ideal for amateur and professional birders alike. We’ll tailor the experience according to your level of interest and take things as slowly as necessary to locate and check off the specials of the area. Be warned – birding is seriously addictive!

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