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Africa From the Air

The Greater Kruger

Flying out of Royal Malewane in a helicopter means every flight begins and ends with a view of the Greater Kruger wilderness below, and the time in between is a breath-taking show of mountains, canyons and plunging waterfalls. It’s a unique way to gain a fresh and thrilling perspective on the diverse landscapes that make up the wonderful mosaic that is South Africa.

Scenic flight to the Blyde River Canyon

Timed to fit between your morning and afternoon game drives at Royal Malewane, this aerial round-trip offers spectacular views of the world’s most impressive green canyon. The flight takes you over a remarkable diversity of landscapes, including soaring towards the mountain peaks for an eagle’s eye view down into the verdant depths of the canyon below.

En route, you’ll feel the temperatures drop suddenly as you climb from the lowveld of the Greater Kruger towards the high-altitude grasslands and waterfalls above.

Scenic Flight to Graskop Gorge Glass Lift

This exclusive excursion combines the serene beauty of a helicopter scenic flight with the adrenaline thrill of the Graskop Gorge Lift. From the Royal Malewane Airstrip, you’ll fly directly to Graskop airstrip, from where you’ll connect with a vehicle transfer to the unique Graskop Gorge Glass Lift. Descending 51 metres down the cliff face lets you gain a greater appreciation for the scale and majesty of the canyon. This is where natural beauty and engineering excellence come together to create an experience you’ll never forget.

Once you reach the bottom of the gorge, you can explore the indigenous forest as you stroll along the raised boardwalk as part of a self-guided journey through a wondrous ecosystem featuring birds, butterflies and ancient, gnarled trees. Suspension bridges over streams lead you to the iconic Panorama Waterfall, before you make your way back to the lift for the ascent and return flight.

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