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Art Galleries

At La Residence

Neighbouring La Motte wine estate is home to a little gallery dedicated to JH Pierneef, who was one of South Africa’s most famous artists.


Gallery hopping in Franschhoek village

As our concierge about the new exhibits and must-see works on show during your stay – there are artists being showcased on a rotating basis and there are always up and coming artists to see. Here are a couple of favourite art galleries you’ll see in Franschhoek village you’ll feel intrigued by and want to step into:

Everard Read has been a South African art establishment since 1913 and has two locations in Franschhoek, including a sculpture garden at Leeu estates. Holden Manz on Franschhoek main street is very eye-catching with a playfulness across every wall space. Delfthuis will speak to your nostalgia and draw you in with its antiques, which are primary Delft porcelain. Chat to the owners to hear about the stories of individual pieces.

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