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03 May, 2024
| Royal Malewane

Embrace nature’s call to adventure on a bush walk at Royal Malewane

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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Disconnect to reconnect

In our always-connected world, we can sometimes forget how much joy there is to be found in disconnecting from all things digital, and creating a deeper bond with nature – and with your friends and family. That’s just one of the many benefits that a bush walk offers. It’s a change of pace from game drives – a chance to slow down, look around you, and engage all your senses in appreciating and understanding the beauty of the bush.

Our highly qualified Guides and Trackers make the bush come alive as you touch, smell and even taste the many different elements that combine to create this pristine wilderness. While you may be disconnected from the Wi-Fi yourself, you’ll start to see the myriad links between flora and fauna that make the bush into a functioning ecosystem.

Close encounters

Our Guides and Trackers have years of experience when it comes to safely approaching animals in the wild. They’ll use their incredible knowledge of animal behaviour to bring you close enough to iconic species that you can observe the nuances of their behaviour and communications, and take incredible pictures.

Seeing African wildlife up close – knowing that you’re in the very safest of hands – is a special kind of thrill that’s both hard to replicate, and impossible to forget. You’ll feel a genuine sense of adventure as you lace up your boots and head out of the lodge… who knows what you might see as you view Africa from a whole new perspective.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home” – Marie Davis

The ultimate classroom

Every moment spent in the bush is an opportunity to learn – just ask our Guides. They’ll tell you that no matter how many years they have spent on foot in Africa, they still discover something new on every walking safari. There’s a childlike joy to every bush walk – not only is it a voyage of discovery on a small scale, but we’re often told as adults that we should play more, and this is the perfect excuse to feel free and feel alive.

At your own pace

A bush walk isn’t about how far you go, and your speed certainly isn’t important. Yes, it may contribute to your 10 000 steps per day, but the benefits for your soul will far outweigh any calories you might burn. If you feel like you’re always in a rush, then we can’t recommend a bush walk highly enough. In the words of the song, slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last…

The Little Five challenge

The ‘Big Five’ are all well-known, and some of the most exciting creatures to see on your Royal Malewane safari. You might also have heard of the ‘Little Five’ – smaller but equally fascinating creatures that are named after their much larger counterparts. On your bush walk, ask your Guide and Tracker to point them out to you, and see how many you can spot:

  • Elephant shrew – a tiny, mouse-like animal with a long snout
  • Red-billed buffalo weaver – a small black bird with a bright red beak
  • Leopard tortoise – a large tortoise with beautiful markings on its shell
  • Ant-lion – a ferocious ambush predator that eats small insects that it traps in a pit
  • Rhino beetle – a tough little beetle with impressive horns

Be sure not to miss out on a bush walk during your perfect stay at Royal Malewane – the ideal way to complement your game drives.

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