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14 June, 2024
| The Silo Hotel

The Silo Hotel Spa – A Healing Journey

Written by: The Royal Portfolio
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Ilhaam’s healing touch

The newest member of our Spa team at The Silo Hotel exemplifies the benefits of our treatments. If you haven’t tried reflexology before, scheduling an appointment with Ilhaam can enhance your stay by promoting relaxation and alleviating stress and tension.

As a child, Ilhaam experienced Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an extremely rare condition which can cause the immune system to attack the body’s own nerves, and cause paralysis. Thanks to a holistic approach, Ilhaam made a full recovery – and developed a lifelong interest in alternative healing methods that she hopes to impart on our guests.

“I welcome abundance. I welcome prosperity and I welcome a holistic wellness awakening”

Ilhaam describes learning reflexology and mastering the technique of applying gentle pressure to specific points on the feet so as to target specific body parts as incredibly intensive.

Motivated by a passion for healing, Ilhaam eagerly acquired the knowledge needed to help others experience the same benefits. This involved gaining expertise in some of the most effective and in-demand therapies, and using these to bring relief and peace of mind to people experiencing a range of ailments. Ilhaam has devoted significant time to studying reflexology, which is a therapy based on the fact that specific pressure points in the feet are linked to other parts of the body, and ailments or pain in these areas can be addressed by applying gentle pressure to the relevant parts of each foot.

In a similar vein to reflexology, auricular acupuncture is based on the idea of correspondence between different parts of the body – in this case, the insight that the ear can be mapped to the rest of the body, enabling targeted acupuncture with needles inserted into the outer ear. In addition, Ilhaam has developed impressive reiki or energy healing skills, and is able to use gentle hand movements to guide the flow of healthy energy through the body. Directing this life force to where it’s most needed can assist with healing and stress release. Ilhaam’s additional skills include massage therapy and aromatherapy, both of which can reduce physical and emotional stress, and lead to improved sleep quality, faster recovery after exercise and enhanced immune system responses through addressing stressors in gentle yet effective ways.

Ilhaam’s wide-ranging knowledge of alternative treatments have informed a holistic approach to reflexology by generating a whole-body perspective on each person. Reflexology involves a balance between intuition and knowledge that means Ilhaam can instantly sense when something is wrong –quite literally feeling the impact of the treatment on each person.

Ilhaam describes reflexology as a lesson in the interconnectedness of every part of the body – in much the same way that all the different elements of an ecosystem are linked, or the components of a galaxy are bound together by gravity.

“This approach has allowed me to provide an all-round body treatment by simply just working the pressure and nerve points on your feet. In a way, I work on your nerves – positively”

Ilhaam has not only experienced the amazing benefits of reflexology personally, but has also seen many people gain relief from both acute and chronic issues.

Tailored treatments

Before working on each guest at The Silo Hotel, Ilhaam spends a few moments asking questions to both help the guest relax, and learn more about their specific needs and what they hope to gain from their reflexology treatment.

Benefits of Ilhaam’s reflexology offering at The Silo Hotel:

  • Complete body workout
  • Enhanced energy flow
  • Improved organ health
  • A more balanced mind
  • Revival on a whole new level


Ilhaam is helping more and more people – particularly guests at The Silo – awaken to total wellness. By combining acupuncture and reiki with massage to create holistic treatments, a complete wellness experience is provided.
For those times when you’re not staying at The Silo Hotel, Ilhaam recommends regular foot soaks followed by exfoliation to improve the circulation and flow of chi, or life force.

To book your treatment at The Silo Hotel, please contact

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