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Mussel Picking and Cooking Class

At Birkenhead House

Farm-to-table is a conscious approach to food and cooking, and something we cherish throughout our kitchens at The Royal Portfolio. Birkenhead House is uniquely positioned to be able to show you the exact origin of your food and invite you to participate in that process.


Forage and feast

At the right time of day when the tide is just right, you’ll be able to walk down to the beach in front of Birkenhead House with one of our chefs and pick fresh mussels from the rocks. Getting your toes in the sand and learning how to identify the right mussels for harvest is an enlightening and fascinating experience that will enhance your appreciation for your meal tenfold.

Having worked up an appetite, you can deliver your haul to our state-of-the-art kitchen where our dining team will give you a master class on everything you need to know about preparing and cooking this special bounty from the sea over an open fire.

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