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Conservation: Penguins and Birding at the Estuary

Visiting places of natural beauty is an opportunity to appreciate the intricate ecosystems and animal inhabitants of the wild. In Hermanus, the fynbos flora and fauna is abundant, and the coast is, of course, home to a wonder of marine life we want to help protect.


Protected penguin colony at Stoney Point

Visit one of the largest penguin colonies along our coastline and see endangered African penguins in their natural environment at Stoney Point Nature Reserve near Betty’s Bay – a 35-minute drive from Birkenhead House.

Over 2000 breeding pairs of these once critically endangered penguins reside there, and you can view them living wild and free as you walk along a boardwalk through the colony. Keep your eyes out for other local birdlife and make this a rewarding seabird-watching excursion.


Bird watching boat cruise

The River Rat is a boat cruise that meanders up and down the beautiful Klein River in Stanford about 30 minutes from Birkenhead House. Surrounded by wetland and grassland, birds abound, and the boat’s eco-friendly silent motor make this ideal for keen birdwatchers wanting to remain discreet.

Your skipper has excellent knowledge of the river, birdlife, and surrounding nature, and will share interesting tales, facts, and history en route, enriching this nature-oriented experience. We’ll make sure you take a gourmet picnic and refreshments to enjoy on board.

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